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WSR | Stainless (12") [CNTRT005]


WSR | Stainless
Label: Contort ‎– CNTRT005
Format: Vinyl, 12", EP
Released| 01 Oct 2015

Sam & Hayley Kerridge's Contort label introduce the smart electro-acoustic synthesis of Emanuele Porcinai's WSR unit with 'Stainless'.

WSR's debut remains true to the clubnight-turned-label's aesthetic by consolidating dance music with electronic architecture and the natural reverbs of enclosed spaces. On the A-side, the opening passage of acoustic guitar and keys provide a seed which blooms into rubbled concrète petals and quicksand techno with a melancholy Berlin/Manchester appeal, whilst 'Stainless' trades in swooning minor key strings and the kind of spatial convolutions we'd expect from Emptyset.

Flip it over and 'No Horizon' bites down with broken toothed rhythms and noirish chorales coming off like FiS tracking a gory Italian horror, before leaving the drums for dust with the gloaming dronescape of 'Inner Oceans'.

A1 Debris
A2 Stainless
B1 No Horizon
B2 Inner Oceans

# Experimental # Industrial