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Various ‎| You And Me Now (6CS) [Posh Isolation 170]

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Various ‎| You And Me Now
Label: Posh Isolation ‎– Posh Isolation 170
Format: 6 × Cassette, Compilation, Limited Edition, C40
Released| 18 Aug 2016

“You and Me Now” is a new compilation portraying a part of Posh Isolations Scandinavia today and could be seen as a logical continuation of what was initiated earlier this year with the triple 7” release of “Love Grew Rings Around Me” and earlier on with compilations like “Rosehip, Scallop, Dancer” and “Port Out, Starboard Home”, this new release being the most ambitious in the series so far.

On this new compilation that features 12 artists in total, divided onto 6 x c40 tapes, each artist presents 20 minutes of new music.

The compilation presents completely new faces next to projects that have been key in defining Posh Isolation and a modern Scandinavian sound and from the church like ring of Vanessa Amara to the industrial shrieks of Puce Mary, the approaches are varied and many. “You and Me Now” pairs works across different genres and techniques and sets old against new. If “Love Grew Rings Around Me” was a portrait of an engagement, “You and Me Now” could be considered scenes from that marriage

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

The compilation comes housed in a 6 tape vinyl box with a 16 page booklet. Limited to 350 copies.

A1 Kyo | Hemåt
B1 Mischa Pavlovski | Fra Midt Til Slutning_II
B2 Mischa Pavlovski | Live_Hjemme_11-02-2016
B3 Mischa Pavlovski | Skitse_III

C1 Onda Tidender | Smärtan Som Vågor
C2 Onda Tidender | Den Vita Sorgen
D1 Estonia | 1994

E1 Argot | Intro
E2 Argot | Patrie
E3 Argot | Republique
E4 Argot | Torso
F1 Orphan Ann | Предатели
F2 Orphan Ann | Medan Du Sov
F3 Orphan Ann | Från Dig Stal De Tanken
F4 Orphan Ann | Children

G1 Puce Mary | In The Realm Of The Senses
G2 Puce Mary | Games
G3 Puce Mary | If I Could Look Out Your Eyes, I Would
G4 Puce Mary | The Weariness Of Despair
H1 Varg | He Knew The Anguish Of The Marrow, The Ague Of The Skeleton
H2 Varg | No Contact Possible To Flesh, Allayed The Fever Of The Bone
H3 Varg | He Knew That Thought Clings Round Dead Limbs, Tightening Its Lusts And Luxuries
H4 Varg | Lipless, Seize, Clutch and Penetrate

I1 Internazionale | Beautiful Couple
I2 Internazionale | A Loved Spelled Out In The Dust
I3 Internazionale | Specters Of The Old Port, Phials For Tears
I4 Internazionale | Into A New And Destructive Intimacy
I5 Internazionale | Beating In Dactylic Strikes
J1 Nepuluk | Untitled
J2 Nepuluk | Untitled
J3 Nepuluk | Untitled

K1 Mats Erlandsson | New Memories
K2 Mats Erlandsson | Elegie
L1 Vanessa Amara | Untitled

# Experimental # Techno # Ambient # Industrial # Power Electronics