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Torimimasataka ‎| ZOCSOF (CS) [LANE]


Torimimasataka ‎| ZOCSOF
Label: The Weevil Neighbourhood ‎– LANE
Format: Cassette, Album, C-35
Released| 28 Feb 2020

Torimimasataka is an experimental sound and visual artist based in Osaka, Japan.

For the label he produced "ZOCSOF" containing seven pieces of dub and noise fueled breakbeat experiments, highly dense in composition, cryptically abbreviated in title.

C-35 Tape
Written and produced by Torimimasataka. Mastering by LXC,
Artwork by Torimimasataka. Layout by Anthone.

A1 Home Is Yesterday
A2 Served Cold
A3 Fall And Free, You And Me
B1 Telma
B2 Is It Worth It
B3 16 Years Before

# Techno # Dub Techno # Experimental # Ambient