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Ø ‎| Syväys (12") [Sähkö 6-12]

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Ø ‎| Syväys
Label: Sähkö Recordings ‎– Sähkö 6-12
Format: Vinyl, 12", EP, 45 RPM
Released| 01Dec 2012

Sähkö scroll back to 1995-1997 and rescue three amazing Mika Vainio tracks produced as Ø - including one unreleased expanse of arctic ambience! I'm ashamed to say i've never heard the two A-side tracks before. Both cuts originally appeared on JD Twitch's short-lived but ace Pi Recordings in 1995; and to be fair I was more interested in football stickers and The Prodigy back then. The A-side features 'Olematon', a pendulous piece of purified, super sub-heavy minimalist swagger that genuinely beggars belief. It's going to be a staple round these parts, no doubt. As if that was all too much action, he follows with the stoic bleeps and rugged bass hits of 'Uponnut'. But, arguably the real discovery is the below kelvin B-side 'Syväys'. It's Vainio at his expansive/introspective best; isolated tones peal out unimpeded in endless, icy panoramas. So good...

A1 Olematon
A2 Uponnut
B Syväys

# Techno # Experimental