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Silent Servant ‎| Negative Fascination (Extended 12" Mixes) (12") [HOS-356]

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Silent Servant ‎| Negative Fascination (Extended 12" Mixes)
Label: Hospital Productions ‎– HOS-356
Format: Vinyl, 12"
Released: Sep 2012

If we've got any gripes with Silent Servant's stunning debut album 'Negative Fascination', it's that some of the dancefloor tracks were just a touch short. He's heard our collective prayers and corrects that with these extended mixes, due out on 12" shortly. Album closer 'Utopian Disaster (End)' is now nearly 2 minutes longer and primed for hypnotic DJ use with a Sunn 0)))-like outro. 'Strange Attractor' is nearly twice as long and with a more subtle, building sense of tension and release, while 'Invocation Of Lust' is slightly extended for DJ play (and this only just occurred to us - doesn't it sound a bit like Maxi Jazz is about to come in with "I can't get no…"?). DJs, dancers, you know what to do…

A1 Utopian Disaster (End)
B1 The Strange Attractor
B2 Invocation Of Lust

# Techno