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Shifted | Appropriation Stories (2LP) [HOS-470]


Shifted | Appropriation Stories
Label: Hospital Productions ‎– HOS-470
Format: 2 × Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition
Released| 18 Oct 2016

Now five years into the project, Guy Brewer’s Shifted really comes into its own with his 3rd album, Appropriation Stories; clambering a rung from Bed of Nails to Hospital Productions proper and consolidating his Covered In Sand and Alexander Lewis projects with encrypted traces of D&B from his erstwhile Commix alias.

Reinforcing his aesthetic binds and conceptual compatibility with Dominick Fernow’s infamous label, Appropriation Stories explores a palette of greyscale tones and monotone rhythm, but, if one lets their body look a little closer, it will feel a filigree, elusive swing and roll in the album’s mechanics that signifies a fine-scaled, horizontal gene transfer of ideas from his previous works, effectively drawing on muscle memory instincts with subtle innovation and intricacy.

The results are at once primordial yet forward-leaning, deeply in keeping with Hospital Productions ascetic essentialism. In his rigorous hands, techno and experimental electronics are components of a highly-developed rhythmic noise organism, one which is now porous enough to subsume the rolling structures of ‘00s D&B’s classic breaks whilst still undoubtedly holding its ground in the murkiest techno fields.

The shift is almost mineral in its timeless nuance, integrating razor sharp digital striations to the analog roil of This Passage at the front, and pursuing that pressure-formed structure thru nine variations that alternately breach the ‘floor, like the tumultuous mass of Vacive and the rolling but irregular grind of Watchers, or the weatherbeaten Spires, whereas pieces such as the blank eyed crusher For Closure, and The Faintest Trace, The Quietest Whisper opt for steelier reductions, whose bleak but finely detailed textures encourage keener introspection.

A1 This Passage
A2 Vacive
A3 Flatlands
A4 Life Backwards
A5 Resin & Lacquer
B1 Watchers
B2 For Closure
B3 In Respect Of Tactics
B4 Spires
B5 The Faintest Trace, The Quietest Whisper

# Techno # Experimental