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Rrose ‎| Vanishing Pools (12") [EAUX791]


Rrose ‎| Vanishing Pools
Label: Eaux ‎– Eaux791
Format: Vinyl, 12", EP, White
Released| 22 Aug 2015

Rrose serves the DJs and dancers what they want with another descent into deepest experimental techno zones. Following a fallow few years, this has been a productive annum for the masked producer from the American West Coast, pursuing the esoteric exercise of 'Having Never Written A Note For Percussion', and the danceflkoor drills of 'For Acquantice' with five tracks purified and uncannily hypnotic number scanning slow techno in 'Adrift' along with the screwball bleep techno of 'Purge' and bloody minded abstraction of 'Curl'.

A1 Hole
A2 Purge
A3 Curl
B1 Adrift
B2 Undergrowth

# Techno # Ambient # Experimental