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Rrose ‎| For Aquantice (12") [EAUX691]


Rrose ‎| For Aquantice
Label: Eaux ‎– Eaux691
Format: Vinyl, 12", EP, White
Released| 24 Jun 2015

Techno hypnotist, Rrose, returns to Eaux with the pocket watch attractions of 'For Aquantice'. Made up like the unholy offspring of Papa Lazarou and Norman Bates in mummy's boy mode, Rrose peddles three patented and mindbending wormholes, subtly sucking us in with Eleh-esque purist sine tones to the rasping rhythmic skeleton of 'Levitate' and the recursive abyss of 'Vellum' on the A-side, whereas the sleek, pulsating throbs and spiralling oscillations of B-side's 'Signs' take hold with intra-venus strength and potency. They're proper deep brain and tissue stimulators.

A1 Levitate
A2 Vellum
B1 Signs

# Techno