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Positive Centre | Vorticist (12") [SNTS008]


Positive Centre | Vorticist
Label: SNTS ‎– SNTS008
Format: Vinyl, 12", EP, Limited Edition
Released | 22 Feb 2016.

SNTS Records has released 6 EPs arranged as parts of two trilogies, Chapters and Scenes, and SNTS's debut album proper, The Rustling Of The Leaves. A couple other artists have also contributed remixes, with Shifted appearing on Scene III and Polar Inertia set to surface again on the album. Next, SNTS Records will expand its reach with solo Positive Centre, who has released on Our Circula Sound and Stroboscopic Artefacts. This EP, with the intriguing title of Vorticist, shows the artist's most visceral and raw side.

A1 The Arrival
A2 Prepared Platform
B1 Direct Searching
B2 Microlith

# Techno # Experimental