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Katsunori Sawa ‎– Secret of Silence (LP) [PANIC]


Katsunori Sawa ‎– Secret of Silence
Label: Weevil Neighbourhood ‎– PANIC
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Released| 10 Dec 2015

One of Weevil Neighbourhood’s most persistent players returns with a debut album of roiling techno humus and sidelong, insectoid electronics under his own name after releases under the BOKEH and Steven Porter pseudonyms along with Anthone.

Sawa’s work exists in a state of semi-organic flux, living up to what you might expect from a label with a name like Weevil Neighbourhood thanks to a busy ecology of inter-laced noise patterns and mutating technoid churn.

Perhaps most central to Secret of Silence is a palpable sense of gloomy menace, clearly present in the cavernous dark side strings of Beginning and leaching across the album by osmosis thru the creaking, stygian rhythms of Immediate Awareness, from the decaying matter of Fake Funeral and under the feet of dancing voodoo mutants in Unauthorized Page.

The rack of skulls on the back cover are a bit of a give-away, too.

A1 Beginning
A2 Escape
A3 Immediate Awareness
A4 Fake Funeral
B1 Anxious Kid
B2 Antagonist
B3 Freezing and Life Threatening
B4 Unauthorized Page

# Techno # Experimental # Industrial