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Katsunori Sawa ‎| Premium Gardens (CS) [ZOO]


Katsunori Sawa ‎| Premium Gardens
Label: The Weevil Neighbourhood ‎– ZOO
Format: Cassette, Album, C-54
Released| 15 May 2019

Second full length album from Katsunori Sawa on The Weevil Neighbourhood.

With recent releases on Opal Tapes and Stone Tapes (together with Chafik Channouf) as well as various remixes and single contributions still in the pipeline, Katsunori Sawa's schedule is already quite busy for this year.

Since he debuted under his current moniker on The Weevil Neighbourhood in 2013, honing his skills over the years as a solo producer as well as in collaboration projects like Steven Porter (with Yuji Kondo) or Bokeh (with Anthone), it's fair to say that the Kyoto based artist already left a lasting imprint on contemporary Industrial Techno and the darker side of Dub. Katsunori Sawa is a name to remember.

C-54 tape, mastering by LXC (Watta Sound), photography by Katsunori Sawa, artwork by Anthone. Includes bonus tracks. Edition of 100 copies.

A1 Noncinema
A2 Human Concern
A3 Fascinate Me
A4 The Division
A5 Burning Pixel
B1 Excavation
B2 Roughneck
B3 Overcome The Heartaches
B4 The Bacillus
B5 Pluralism

# Techno # Industrial # Experimental # Ambient