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DB1 ‎| Nautil 1/3 (12) [Nautil 1/3]


DB1 ‎| Nautil 1/3
Label: Nautil ‎– Nautil 1/3
Format: Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM, Limited Edition, stamped
Released| 28 Jul 2014

Trying to pigeonhole Hidden Hawaii is a foolhardy thing to do and that's certainly the case with this trilogy of Nautil 12"s that Felix K's label has just released. Who are the artists? On this first record we're met with DB1, a name who first appeared on Hidden Hawaii via a split 12" with Martsman in 2012. Here, this cryptic alias provides two cuts of ambient, dub-tipped industrial drum and bass which comes out the other end as a cohesive brand of lucid electronica without the '90s stigma attached. Quite the mouthful of an explanation and meagre attempt at explaining this record, but as Felix K proves again and again: electronic music has no boundaries.

Includes download code.

A Untitled
B Untitled

# Ambient # DnB # Dub Techno