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Casual Violence ‎| Anabiosis (12") [ZHARK026]


Casual Violence ‎| Anabiosis
Label: Zhark Recordings ‎– ZHARK026
Format: Vinyl, 12", 33 ⅓ RPM
Released| 28 Oct 2015

The Berlin/Manchester techno axis rotates thee crankiest slow techno doom from Casual Violence with Zhark0026 arriving nine months after Huren's 'MRTVI' assault.

A longtime sympathiser of Zhark's pitch black aesthetic, Casual Violence has worked on the liminal edges of Northern UK techno for the past decade pushing a gravely uncompromising strain of the dark stuff.

On the A-side he heaves out a hoofed beast called 'And Know Me', carrying a massive, swollen underbelly of blackened bass and evil short-wave transmissions on steel-tipped trotters to sound like Prurient and Silent Servant gone toe-to-toe.

The B-side is no less obtuse, sucking us into a slow but strong current of rolling kicks blanketed with bomber-formation drones and hacked percussion festering for fans of Sam Kerridge, Kareem or the Unknown Precept gang.

A And Know Me
B Anabiosis

# Techno # Industrial # Experimental