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ASC ‎| Sequenced (CS) [AUXC002]


ASC ‎| Sequenced
Label: Auxiliary ‎– AUXC002
Format: Cassette, Album, Limited Edition
Released| 15 Dec 2017

"A collection of sequences programmed, performed and recorded live. This project started in January 2015 and spawned a vast amount of sequences and different takes. 'Sequenced' is the album of what I feel were the best recordings during this time" - ASC

All sequences programmed on Arturia Beatstep, Korg SQ-1, Roland A-01, and internal sequencers. Additional mastering via a Soundcraft Ghost mixing desk.

Synthesizers used: Analogue Solutions Telemark v2, Casio SK-1, E-Mu Ultra Proteus, Kawai SX-240, Korg MS-20, Korg Volca FM, Novation Nova, Moog Mother-32 , Moog Sub 37, Roland Alpha Juno-1, Roland SH-101, Waldorf Blofeld, Yamaha reface CS.

Effects used: Earthquaker Devices Avalanche Run, Eventide Space, Eventide Timefactor, Jomox T-Resonator MkII, Lexicon MPX1, MXR Phase 90, Roland SRV-330, Strymon blueSky, Strymon DIG, Strymon Mobius.

- Exclusive only to Void Vinyl & Beatbox Vinyl
- Limited Edition C60 Ferric Cassette
- 50 copies only

A1 Sequence #1
A2 Sequence #2
A3 Sequence #3
A4 Sequence #4
A5 Sequence #5
A6 Sequence #6
A7 Sequence #7
B1 Sequence #8
B2 Sequence #9
B3 Sequence #10
B4 Sequence #11
B5 Sequence #12

# Ambient # Experimental