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Von Grall / Milton Bradley ‎| Next To The Nil (12") [DSC008]


Von Grall / Milton Bradley ‎| Next To The Nil
Label: Deep Sound Channel ‎– DSC008
Format: Vinyl, 12", Limited Edition, Red
Released| 23 Mar 2015

Now into its second year, Shipwrec's sub label Deep Sound Channel turns to newcomer Von Grall and Berlin based Do Not Resist The Beat label boss Milton Bradley for a new four track EP. Von Grall goes first following on from a couple of releases in 2014 on Annulled and Planet Rhythm Records as well as on a VA 12" with Bas Mooy and Developer. He has also had a digital release on Semantica last year, so that should tell you all you need to know about his stripped down sound. His track 'Fahr' is slow burning bit of soundscaping with drone synths growing ever more ominous as rippling chords fight for your attention down below. It's a great bit of moody scene setting before his second contribution, 'Next to the Nil' follows a long form and hypnotic techno groove way down the rabbit hole. Train like drums, ever present pad based pressure and a slowly emerging bass line all add up to one seriously seductive roller. Techno mainstay Milton Bradley (who has been on this label before with Alien Rain) then flips this one into a more free roaming and groaning techno track with monstrous panning synths and icy percussive ripples. Dark and heavy, it's a perfectly ominous affair designed to lock down entire warehouses. Milton's other contribution is an original, '238857 Miles,' and is a scary and unsettling bit of deep space ambience with spaceship sounds off in the distance, spoken word captain's orders bleeding into the mix and a real sense of drama throughout. Uncompromising and perfectly designed for zoned out techno sessions, this is another fine release from Deep Sound Channel.

A1 Von Grall | Fahr
A2 Von Grall | Next To The Nil
B1 Milton Bradley | Next To The Nil (remix)
B2 Milton Bradley | 238857 Miles

# Techno # Ambient # Experimental