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SØS Gunver Ryberg ‎| AFTRYK (12") [CNTRT006]


SØS Gunver Ryberg ‎| AFTRYK
Label: Contort ‎– CNTRT006
Format: Vinyl, 12", EP
Released| 29 Jan 2016.

Berlin’s Contort yield a brace of brutal but cerebral industrial techno designs in the meticulously realised and cutthroat debut from SØS Gunver Ryberg, who was last spotted in an excellent collaboration with Cristian Vogel as SGR ^ CAV for The Tapeworm.

Established as a performance and sound artist with a wealth of installations, commissions for dance and video games, and multi-channel performances to her credit, SØS Gunver Ryberg arrives fully formed and raring to go with four expansive, free-moving pieces veering from bludgeoning techno thru splintered, radgy breaks and high velocity speedcore vectors.

Up top, she explores a spectral mesh of field recordings and raw synthesis wrapped to barrelling techno kicks and banking noise dynamics in Skolezit, before the sputtering, revving industrial chaos of Pantodont (Touching Thulitheripus Svalbardii) grips like a flock of raving cenobites.

Down below, she operates at the threshold of speedcore/flashcore tempos with two cuts approaching the breakneck momentum of Hangars Liquides classics. The shuddering pelt of 1170 Siva (Bare Bones) could almost be the bastard offspring of La Peste and Ueno Masaaki, whilst 1170 Siva shrouds that skeletal structure in sepulchral synth swells.

A1 Skolezit
A2 Pantodont (Touching Thulitheripus Svalbardii)
B1 1170 Siva (Bare Bones)
B2 1170 Siva

# Techno # Experimental # Industrial