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Sigha ‎| The Purification Loops (12") [AVN14]


Sigha ‎| The Purification Loops
Label: Avian ‎– AVN14
Format: Vinyl, 12"
Released| Apr 2014

This April James Shaw follows last years caustic A Vision of Love project with a debut release as Sigha for Avian, blurring the lines between the dance floor and the ritual chamber.

Over the course of six tracks scuffed rhythm and analogue bleed blend together, combining a techno aesthetic with something more primal. The tracks both lean on club tradition and abandon it, veering away from standard structure in places, in favour of fragmentation and prolonged repetition.

A1 Loop One
A2 Loop Two
A3 Loop Three
B1 Loop Four
B2 Loop Five
B3 Loop Six

# Techno