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Restive Plaggona ‎| The Burned Letter (CS) [DVNTTLP01]

10.00 / Coming Soon

Restive Plaggona ‎| The Burned Letter
Format: Cassette, Album, Limited Edition
Released| 07 Mar 2017

Restive Plaggona somewhere in between abstract industrial and you.

Deep ambient hybrids coming from the future, endless road, hidden steps, dark shadows. Melancholia is the only way to survive. Burned letter...

Limited C40 Tape.

A1 Entire Abyss
A2 Beautified By Rage
A3 The Dark Continets Of Your Mind
A4 Beneath Carpets
A5 A Person Under The Age Of Majority
B1 Civil Disobedience
B2 Rosalia's Guilt Trip
B3 The Still Eyes In The White Face
B4 True Is Tight But Beautiful
B5 Pretending Every Day To Be Alive

# Industrial # Experimetanl # Ambient