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Isorinne | 2061 (CS) [MIXED-UP 08]


Isorinne | 2061
Format: Cassette, Album
Released| Oct 2015

”Nothing lasts, nothing—lasts, not your enemies, not your friends, not your youth, not your dreams, not your fears, not your hopes, not even yourself, nothing lasts, everything has an end, this has been said often—but felt rarely.”

Terrence McKenna

2061 marks the return of Michel Isorinne on MIXED-UP, moving away of his dreamy 1980 tale: now fully awake, a science fiction themed landscape emerges, exploring a hypothetical year of death.
Melancholy still holds the tone over the 5 compositions presented and here Isorinne is expanding his previous sound palette, delivering some of his most heartbreaking material: the sounds of a piano which makes an immediate appearance on “Unnatural Causes” and stays present on “Los Angeles 2017”, both built on gentle arrangements stained by creepy voices and dusty field recordings, bringing to mind the beauty of recent Lussuria material and the weird and distorted fragments of Boards of Canada.
On the B side the glowing stasis of “Reality Paradigm” may be the nearest point of contact with the world of 1980, swiftly followed by “The Three Stigmata”, a grainy (and glorious) TR-606 march.The closing track “You’re Safe Now” brings us back to those hypnotic voices and Nosferatu-like chords.

A necessary statement and a closing chapter for the Stockholm born, Bandhagen resident artist who is set for a 12” EP release at his own name on dutch Field imprint and a new D.A.R.F.D.H.S. tape with his pal Jonas Rönnberg (Varg) for the unstoppable Opal Tapes.

The tape comes in a black cassette housing, limited to an edition of 100 copies with a full color j card and download code (MP3/FLAC) included.

A1 Unnatural Causes
A2 Los Angeles 2017
B1 Reality Paradigm
B2 The Three Stigmata
B3 You're Safe Now

# Ambient # Experimental