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Född Död ‎| Studie I Närhet, Längtan Och Besvikelse (LP) [Northern Electronics 15]

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Född Död ‎| Studie I Närhet, Längtan Och Besvikelse
Label: Northern Electronics ‎– NE15
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Released| 16 Feb 2015.

Fodd Dod debut recording is a beautiful portrayal of disappointment - one that could be aimed at anything and could be added onto any situation or relation. Whether it is aimed at the impossible symmetry of male/female chemistry, one's own shortcomings, or the shortness of life, Fodd Dod translates to "Born Dead", the subject of the disappointment is not important - it is not why, but rather how. The six tracks that form the record offer no solution, they dont even hint at one. Track by track "Studie i Narhet, Langtan och Besvikelse" drags you further down, using simple machine drum rhythms and droney synth melodies combined with SARS signature mourns - but with enough skill and enough progression to never lose its aim, without ever becoming stagnant. What separates Varg and SARS' work as 'Fodd Dodd', from many of the "minimal synth wave" projects of the last years genre revival, is that you for once believe in the emotion being transmitted. The project, however similar in approach to other bands, current and past, does not feel forced. So even if the emotional quest of the record is to dwell in disappointment, the record as a listening experience does the exact opposite. The inescapable nerve in the six pieces is so strong, that one ends up feeling captivated rather than disappointed.

A1 Utan Skugga
A2 Stoft Av Löften
A3 I Minnen, Fri
B1 De Ensammas Hus
B2 I Smärtan, Fri
B3 Sista Dagen

# Ambient # Experimental