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Damaskin | Our Shadows Will Walk (CS) [New Body ‎020]


Damaskin | Our Shadows Will Walk
Label: New Body ‎Tapes – NB-020
Format: Cassette, Album, Stereo
Released | 01 Feb 2016.

New Body Tapes are proud to announce the release of Our Shadows Will Walk, from Brussels’ Damaskin. Two sides of unrelenting, dark and hypnotic techno and immersive ambient works. Masterfully crafted and immense sounds. Damaskin has been steadily leaking music into the ether online and on several labels around the globe. Undeniably fit for the dance floor while being firmly routed in noise, Our Shadows Will Walk showcases his aptitude for the subtleties in composition through repetition and space. This release is a massive heavy hitter.

C70, limited to 100 copies, includes download code.

A1 1916
A2 We Want Truth
A3 Last True Rebellion
A4 Situation Now
A5 Our Shadows Will Walk
A6 The Soul After Death
B1 Katharsis
B2 Repetitive Transformation
B3 Mlada Bosna

# Techno # Industrial # Ambient # Experimental