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ASSS| 100 EP (12") [DTLSND006]


ASSS| 100 EP
Label: Details Sound ‎– DTLSND006
Format: Vinyl, 12", EP, Limited Edition
Released | 23 Nov 2015.

The Details Sound label overseen by Berlin-dwelling Italians Giuseppe Magistro and Matteo Fabbri has emerged from that murky, humid, sticky sub-metropolitan environment where the notion of what we might be moved to call ‘techno’ is acquiring completely new contours. As written elsewhere on this site earlier this year, Details Sound is widening its reach with two new signings ‘from outside the monochrome cult they call home’. After M//R frequented the cleaner, smoothers shores of contemporary techno on No Tag No Food in spite of the music’s modular beastliness, the second of those detours from Oregon act ASSS has been summed up nicely by Details designer Federico Lupo as ‘granitic techno’. The 100 EP is twenty minutes of dark, intensely textured beats and smashed-up washes; heavy, hard-hitting techno on the borders of noise and industrial.

Edition of 300 copies.

A1 101
A2 102
A3 103
A4 104

# Techno # Experimental # Industrial